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Specializing in Design and Development of Websites, and Landing Pages for Personal and Business uses, as well as Internet Consulting for Graphics and Marketing.

1 On 1 Consulting

Helping you learn what you can expect from the internet for your business.

More Than Just Books

Real life applications of what the digital world can contribute to your success.

Creative Concepts

Stuck with the same old images and ways of advertising? Why not think outside the box?

Technical Expertise

More than just web pages, graphics and buttons, but designed to get you noticed!

LiveStream Broadcast

Streaming live video to 6 platforms with just 1 camera, 1 microphone.

Support Coaching

Coaching you through the hardest parts of the process live, via phone call or Zoom.


Dr. Timothy Heinze

Dave is very adept at interacting with people. He is a capable, committed performer. A genuinely charismatic individual.


Dr. Robert D. Barram

His maturity and insight significantly impressed me. Many others, as well as myself, have expressed high regard for him.

R. Dwight Hill

Dave is a person of integrity and hard work. A sincere man, he will not disappoint you with his honesty and integrity.

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